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Ely Consulting Group, Ltd. was founded by Todd Ely in 2000.  Mr. Ely began his consulting business after working for over 20 years in the private sector and in Illinois State Government.  His depth of experience with business management and government relations allowed him to strike out on his own and fill a consulting gap within the private sector. 

Since then he and his team have helped companies and businesses realize their economic dreams by creating jobs in lower economic areas of the state, and also by helping existing businesses grow and prosper.  Ely Consulting Group measures their success by the positive changes created in the communities they serve, whether it be through corporate headquarter relocations, traditional manufacturing start-ups, or redefining the energy industry.    

Todd E. Ely

Dan E. Long 

Mark J. Pruitt 

John F. Schmidt

Robert Bruce

Joe Angleton

Todd E. Ely, Owner

Mr. Ely is the President and Founder of Ely Consulting Group Ltd.  Mr. Ely's background includes legislative staff experience in the Illinois General Assembly, primarily in developing energy and commerce related legislation.  Mr. Ely has also worked with various state agencies and the Governor’s Office to develop and implement strategies for the promotion of pro-energy policies, practices, and laws that foster economic growth and energy stability in Illinois. 

Mr. Ely's background includes legislative staff experience in the Illinois General Assembly, primarily in developing energy and commerce related legislation. He also worked with various state agencies and Governor’s Office to develop and implement strategies for the promotion of pro-energy policies, practices, and laws that foster economic growth and energy stability in Illinois.

Mr. Ely’s facilitating experience also includes working several years at Illinois Power / Illinova Corporation (now Ameren IP) in marketing and economic development where he was the company’s primary expert in developing and implementing innovative economic development and marketing strategies for the industrial and commercial markets.  Prior to establishing the Ely Consulting Group, Mr. Ely was Vice President for the Illinois Chamber of Commerce in charge of marketing and economic development. Those efforts included development of the Illinois Chamber's energy buying alliance and serving as the liaison to the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Mr. Ely earned his B.A. in Management from the University of Illinois—Springfield and is a graduate of the Economic Development Institute at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK.

Dan E. Long

As a partner with SPI ENERGY GROUP and a strategic partner with Ely Consulting Group, Mr. Long works to provide consulting services to regulated utility clients as well as clients who are retail end-users of natural gas and electric energy.  Services to utility clients involve:

  • Power supply acquisition
  • Utility rate design
  • Assessment of revenue requirements
  • Cost allocation and regulatory compliance at both the state and federal level, including the Illinois Commerce Commission, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, NERC, SERC and MISO 

Services to retail end-user clients operating in 16 states include:

  • General support for utility rates, billing, and service operational issues
  • Acquisition of electric and natural gas supplies from third party providers

Previously, Mr. Long was involved in many areas of utility business and operations as he was the coordinator of resource planning activities at CIPS.  His resource planning activities included development, filing, and litigation support of the CIPS integrated resource plan for electric and natural gas operations.  While at CIPS, Mr. Long was also the coordinator of regulatory activities at the Illinois Commerce Commission related to rates and service area issues.  This included expert testimony in over 50 dockets related to an extensive array of utility issues and he provided expert testimony before committees of the Illinois House and Senate related to general utility operations and service issues.  For legislators and their staff, Mr. Long provided educational support.  Mr. Long was very involved in the negotiations and drafting of the legislation which deregulated the generation assets of regulated utilities in Illinois and provided access by retail customers to sources of power supply other than those of their host utility.  Mr. Long also helped draft the legislation that exempted entities such as CWLP and electric cooperatives from state deregulation and direct access.

Mr. Long earned his B.A. in Economics from the University of Illinois—Springfield.

Mark J. Pruitt

Mr. Pruitt is the Principal of the Power Bureau, a strategic partner with Ely Consulting Group, and has more than 20 years of experience in the utility and energy industries.  Mr. Pruitt has assisted in the development of over 60 municipal electric aggregation (MEA) programs in Illinois and advises large institutions on energy issues throughout the PJM and MISO wholesale power market regions.

Mr. Pruitt has developed numerous approaches to facilitate community energy and utility planning, supply and services procurement, and power supply agreements that have generated significant consumer savings for ratepayers throughout the Commonwealth Edison and Ameren Illinois Utility regions.  Additionally, Mr. Pruitt advises state and regional energy planners on wholesale market operations, auctions, and regulation.  

Prior to his work with The Power Bureau, Mr. Pruitt served as the first Director of the Illinois Power Agency (IPA).  At the IPA, he planned and implemented electricity procurement strategies that reduced electricity costs for over 4.5 million default rate residential and small commercial ratepayers in Illinois by $1.6 billion.  His responsibilities at the IPA also included the fulfilment of the Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standard.  Mr. Pruitt’s experiences at the IPA and his current activities with The Power Bureau have positioned him in a pivotal role in the continued evolution of the region’s retail electricity markets. 

Before his work at the IPA, Mr. Pruitt managed electricity and natural gas procurement for 39 State of Illinois agencies while at the University of Illinois.  His program managed all hedging, procurement, billing, and budgeting operations for the agencies to deliver cost savings and identify operational efficiencies.  His work also supported the analysis of the University’s wholesale market operations within MISO and PJM along with coal and natural gas fuel hedging options and procurement methodologies.

Mr. Pruitt earned a B.A. in Political Science and Secondary Education from Bradley University and a M.B.A from the University of Illinois—Chicago.

John F. Schmidt, P.E. 

Mr. Schmidt is an engineering consultant with over 30 years of experience in the Midwest coal industry.  He has performed in a lead role on new projects with a capital investment of more than $1.2 billion, and rehabilitated and returned to profitability projects slated for termination or had no value.  These rehabilitated projects experienced improvement of over $1 billion.

Mr. Schmidt has worked in all facets of the coal industry including management and engineering at mining operations, engineering and development of new projects, business development and sales, process and productivity improvements, sales, and marketing.  Currently, Mr. Schmidt independently consults for the State of Illinois, performing financial analysis of the coal industry and marketing for the expansion of the Illinois coal industry.  As a consultant Mr. Schmidt has performed acquisition analysis for different Venture Capital Groups, completed engineering and financial analysis for mining and construction companies, and worked in a management role on mining construction projects.

Mr. Schmidt has a strong financial background from his time with Shell Oil as an analyst responsible for forecasting future energy prices.  Mr. Schmidt has been one of the top two people in the development and operation of the Viper Mine, MaRyan Mine and Deer Run Mine.  In his positions at these facilities he was responsible for the P&L, balance sheet, coal production, and engineering at the operation.  Mr. Schmidt has held a responsible role in the operation, development, and engineering of more than thirty projects in the Midwest.  He has a working knowledge of mining costs and reserve qualities of all coal mines in the Illinois Basin which allows him to properly negotiate during the acquisition of assets or coal sales contracts.

Mr. Schmidt graduated with honors from the University of Missouri—Rolla with a B.S. in Mining Engineering, and is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Illinois.

Robert Bruce

Mr. Bruce is a strategic partner with Ely Consulting Group, Mr. Bruce has over 25 years of experience in the field of international and domestic business development management and marketing.  During his career he has developed goals and objectives for an international business attraction program for the State of Illinois and also managed the State’s international program which included coordinating nine overseas offices by evaluating international economic trends and how they effected marketing strategies.  Mr. Bruce has worked closely with domestic companies seeking foreign business opportunities, successfully facilitated negotiations for businesses investing large sums of capital and evaluated real estate for acquisition and disposition.

Mr. Bruce held the position of Manager of Foreign Direct Investment for the Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs (DCCA), for the last decade and spurred the investment of tens of thousands of dollars in the State of Illinois.  He was also responsible for the trade promotion efforts for the State of Illinois, which resulted in tens of millions of dollars in overseas sales for Illinois companies.

Prior to joining DCCA, Mr. Bruce was the International Business Manager for Illinois Power Company where he was responsible for all Asian business development and attraction activities, including strategic business alliances.  Before joining Illinois Power, he provided economic development services for over fifteen years to a number of economic development organizations.  These organizations included: Central Illinois Public Service Company, Storm Lake (IA) Industrial Development Corporation, and the State of South Dakota Industrial Development Agency.

Joe Angleton

With over 40 years in the coal industry, Joe is committed to improve the working conditions of miners in the State of Illinois.  Mr. Angleton has held a variety of positions through which he has been able to directly impact the State of Illinois' mining industry and its employees. 

Mr. Angleton served as the State of Illinois Department of Natural Resources Director of Mines and Minerals from 2005 to 2012.  He was responsible for the management and administration of a capital budget exceeding $16.2 million with an operating budget of $10.6 million, with over 110 employees.  From 1977 to 2004, Joe was elected to and served as UMWA District President, Secretary Treasurer and Compensation Counselor.  From 1969 to 1977, Joe was an underground coal miner for Peabody Coal Company.  During that period of time, he obtained State of Illinois Mining Examination papers, Mine Manager Papers, Electrical Hoisting Engineering Papers, and operated a variety of underground mining equipment.  He also served in a management capacity as a supervisor for Peabody Coal Company, and was Co-Captain of the State of Illinois Mine Rescue Team. 

Mr. Angleton's education was in Labor Studies at the University of Illinois Springfield and Indiana University. 


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