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Our Clients

The great success Ely Consulting Group has experienced is because of our incredible clients. 

Below is just a sample of the clients and communities we have served over the years.

Diversified Energy

Christian Coal Co.

Central Appalachian Mining              

Dynegy Corporation

City of Fairfield, Illinois                    

The ERORA Group

Kingsport Rail Corporation               

Nudo Products

Equistar Chemical                           

Scott Forge Reichhold    

Pease‚Äôs Candy                               

Williams Bio Energy

LARS Energy                                            

Prairie Packaging

TRW Automotive                             

Atlas Material Testing


Buzzi Unicem

Cairo Public Utility                           

Lone Star Cement

City of Springfield, Illinois

Centralia Area Development Group   

Constellation Energy

Holland Energy                                


Akzo Nobel                                     

Midwest Grain Products

Alliant Energy                                 

Henderson Trucking

Hayes Trucking                               

City of Cairo, Illinois

Rhino Resource Partners                  

L.S. Power

Sunrise Coal                                            

Best Coalition

Donnewald Distributing                    

Taylorville Mining

Western Kentucky Petroleum            

Homeland Fuels

Sargas Inc.                                     

Coal Blue


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