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The Ely Consulting Group provides professional consulting services specifically designed around your project with your best interests in mind. 

Each of our consultants are equipped with over 30 years of experience in their respective field and they understand the nuances of economic development as well as state and federal business and governmental representation.  We invite you to review our services in depth to see how Ely Consulting can assist your business.

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Government Relations 

The Ely Consulting Group specializes in helping organizations develop and execute strategies which positively influence the outcome of negotiations with governmental entities.  By developing and implementing strategies that explain the advantages of supporting a project, we can ensure decision makers have the necessary financial incentives and resources to move your project forward.  We use only experienced consultants on our projects, which helps you feel confident your organization is represented by individuals who know how to make your project a top priority, receiving full and proper consideration.

Project Incentive Negotiations

The Ely Consulting Group excels at negotiating incentive packages which maximizes the support your project receives from the government and other businesses.  By using proven negotiation strategies, the Ely Consulting Group can ensure your organization crafts a development agreement which wisely utilizes every dollar.

Negotiations typically cover:

  • State and local tax assessments
  • Cost of utility services and utility infrastructure improvements
  • Transportation infrastructure improvements
  • Project financing
  • Incentives customized for specific projects

Our negotiation team members have experience in both state and federal negotiation arenas.  This allows us to correctly identify, evaluate, and apply all incentive programs available to enhance your project’s economic profile.  The goal of our negotiations is to reach an agreement which maximizes economic value to your project, while also taking into account fair treatment of all parties involved.  We want to establish a mutually beneficial, long term business alliance that will be maintained throughout the years.

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Economic Development for Companies 

Our team members are seasoned veterans in the arena of economic development.  They understand the business and know where to look to uncover "problems" and identify "business advantages."  We have negotiated from both sides of the table; on behalf of host governmental entities seeking new projects and on behalf of prospective companies seeking incentives.  The Ely Consulting Group has experience in developing incentive packages for projects in industries including:

  • Warehouse-distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Power generation
  • Back office sector

Our professional expertise is especially focused on businesses who wish to expand existing operations, relocate to better facilities, or establish operations in other regions. The Ely Consulting Group provides advice on, or performs:

  • Corporate site selection assistance
  • Demographic research on potential business locations
  • Confidential property acquisitions
  • Government and political representation strategies
  • Public and private financing options

Regulatory Affairs & Permitting Services 

Almost any facility expansion, relocation, acquisition (or significant change in manufacturing processes) will result in the filing of new application for permits.  These environmental, construction, and zoning permits must be completed, filed, and approved in a timely manner before the project moves forward.  Delays resulting from incomplete or improperly filed application can result in significant project delays.  Project delays can cost millions of dollars in project overruns and lost business.

The Ely Consulting Group saves you money by working to ensure these delays are avoided.  We work with key staff in the appropriate units of government to mitigate possible delays in the approval process and work to resolve potential conflicts with governmental entities before they arise.

We will work with regulators to resolve issues companies have with regulatory agencies, acting as a liaison between companies and the government. 

Site Selection Services  

The Ely Consulting Group provides professional site location services for companies that are relocating their facilities, developing new markets, or expanding in already established locations.  Our site location services are customized to meet each project’s specific needs.

Choosing a new location to do business can be one of the most important decisions in the life of a company.  An informed decision can lead to incredible profits.  A poor decision can permanently cripple a company.   Our team of professionals combines economic skills with modern technology, industry-related alliances, and proven strategies that effectively guide the client through the site location process.  We will also work with the client to assess all of the factors to develop a logical and economically prudent solution aligning with the goals of your organization.

Public & Private Financing 

Cash flow is the life blood of any organization.  To procure low cost financing for its clients, the Ely Consulting Group uses established business contacts within a variety of financial institutions:

  • Banking and investment trusts
  • Investment firms
  • Venture capitalists
  • Regional bonding authorities
  • Tax increment financing districts
  • Local revolving loan programs
  • Federal, state and local financing/grant programs

We can blend government grants, low interest loans, tax exempt bonding, interest rate “write downs”, and other innovative funding/leasing mechanisms to lower the client’s cost of capital, reduce annual debt service, fill in existing gaps in in financing, and enhance the project’s profitability at the same time.

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Development of Energy Related Projects

Ely Consulting, an Illinois chartered corporation, is a consulting group in the business of helping energy companies achieve their strategic goals by providing a full range of economic development and government representation services.  Energy projects have their own unique set of requirements, and we are equal to the task when designing a plan around your company’s needs.

Proven Experience in the Energy Market 

We are advocates for innovative energy legislation, and are actively engaged in the development of entities wishing to source renewable power.  We are also currently siting and developing several new coal mines and clean coal facilities in multiple states.  At Ely Consulting Group, we understand the complexity of power sources and how their development can impact a local economy.

Ely Consulting provides consulting services to regulated utility clients, including power supply acquisition, utility rate design, costs, regulatory compliance at both the state and federal level, and assessment of revenue requirements.  We also provide services to retail end-user clients with general support for utility rate, billing, and service operational issues as well as acquisition of electric and natural gas supply from third party providers.

Creating a resource plan is another way we help our client as it involves the analysis of historical and current resources, assets and operations combined with 5 and 10 year forecasts of utility resources and asset requirements.  This enhances a project plan and gives regulators a valid and fair assessment of how the utility will meet its customers’ future requirements.

We have developed numerous approaches to facilitate community energy and utility planning, supply and services procurement, and power supply agreements that have generated significant consumer savings for ratepayers throughout the Commonwealth Edison and Ameren Illinois Utility regions. 

Ely Consulting also advises state and regional energy planners on wholesale market operations, auctions, and regulation.  With our diverse team of consultants, we have worked in all facets of the coal industry including management and engineering at mining operations, engineering and development of new projects, business development and sales, process and productivity improvements, sales, and marketing. 


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